You are what you eat.

The process of handling food at the Food Parliament premises starts with the core of our belief system that the Food should be:

  • Safe and hygienically produced. To be able to get safe food for sustaining its bodily function resonates as one of the most basic fundamental rights of all living beings.
  • Nutritionally balanced. So that it can provide you with all the essential nutrients in the right quantity and keep you fit and active at work and with your loved ones. Today proper and balanced diet is considered the best treatment for Lifestyle diseases and coronary health.
  • Tasty. Taste in the food can be a strong motivating factor to increase in morale at the institution level and in tandem with the above points, leads to better associate performance along with keeping them physically strong and immune to common ailments.

At Food Parliament, we are serious about our commitments to the diet we serve. In order to achieve the above core aspirations, we at Food Parliament branch our operations into three working areas:

  1. Contaminated work Area: Where we handle ingredients and raw material which comes from outside. Since we have no control over the actual handling of the ingredients at the Vendor’s end, we treat all raw materials as contaminated, except when they are packed in retort or tinned / bottled so as to eliminate any chances of contamination. Before decontamination, nothing shall pass to the other areas of the Premises.
  2. Semi Contaminated Area: While the food is being processed at site, all the areas it passes through are considered as semi contaminated area. Even after decontamination in the previous area, the food is still prone to air borne microbes and can get spoiled or become unfit for processing if not stored and handled in any improper way.
  3. Non Contaminated area: Once the food is cooked, the Food Parliament ensures that it stays in a Hygienic condition without any chance of contamination from outside sources. The food is stored and transported under these conditions till it is finally served and consumed at the intended institution.

As the food is handled in the echelons of the august body it passes through various stages of screening and checks. The food journey thus starts to create the epitome of healthy, nutritionally balanced and tasty food for our clients.

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