The way things are..
is not the way things ought to be

Today, the biggest worry for the society is how to deal with the lifestyle diseases. In a developing society like India, the top three factors contributing to adult fatalities due to natural causes are NCDs (Non Communicable diseases) like cardiovascular diseases, followed by ill-defined causes, respiratory diseases, malignant and other forms of cancers.

Cardiovascular diseases have become a major cause of deaths across the country. Lifestyle itself is a major factor, where lack of proper exercise, unhealthy food habits, diabetes, rise of obesity, hypertension, etc, are leading cardiovascular diseases. Now, every fourth person in urban India is prone to heart disease. Moreover, diabetes may also cause heart disease in the longer run.

There are also many day today foods that have carcinogens and with prolonged use can lead to cancer in a healthy person. Some possessed meat products are considered as Group 1 carcinogens by IARC, known to cause cancer if consumed.

Today we have numerous conclusive studies that show that with proper nutritional analysis of the food that we are consuming, we can ensure that the lifestyle diseases are kept under control. It all starts with knowing what you are consuming on a daily basis.

Breaking down the Food

We are governed by different food habits, tastes and religious preferences but at the molecular level, the needs of a human body are quite similar. The nutrients are that we intake are broadly classified as 3+2.

Three essential nutrients that constitute the bulk of our daily food intake:

Recommended Ranges (Percent of Calories) Lower Carb Higher Protein (Percent of Calories)
Carbohydrates 45-65% 45%
Protein 10-35% 25%
Fat 20-35% 30%

Besides the above three, we also require small quantities of Vitamins and Minerals to maintain healthy body and vitality in our system metabolism.

We at the parliament, analyze each dish that we prepare on a 61 parameter analysis of their nutrients.

Each of the listed Parameter is an essential nutrient that a human body needs in a specific quantity, depending on its age, gender, pregnancy cycle and lifestyle choices, compounded with prevailing ailments, if any.

We ensure that we produce balanced menus for our consumers so that they can have healthy food as a matter of informed choice. Most of the time a person might not know what all is in the food he is having and whether or not it his good for his body metabolism.

Some people generally consider richness of high calories in the food as the only parameter of food being good. Others know that they need to avoid a particular nutrient but are unaware about the composition of the food that they are consuming.  The “FP” makes it possible for the consumer to be aware of the dietary choices he is making and leads to best selection from meal offering to the individual.

We do not restrict the diet you need or want to eat, just make it possible for you to be informed about what you are eating. After all, whatever you eat, will become a part of you by means of getting assimilated in your body.

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